The Missed Birthday

by david on August 17, 2015

“Bye” said Jimmy i’m off to work. “Me to” said Joe. They went to work. There was no one there. “We are the only ones here”said Joe. “Lets get to work” said Jimmy. While working there was a bang and a bang. “What was that” said Jimmy. “We are not the only ones here” said Joe. They went to the door and no one was there so they shut the door. Jimmy said “lets go home” so they went home. When they got home no one was there but a dog. They sat down on the door mat. Joe went to sleep for a long time when he woke up Jimmy was gone. The was still there so Joe let him in. It was his birthday tomorrow. Joe made a dog bed. then went to sleep. He had a dream that his birthday was missed. Then he woke up and stared to think for a long time. It was Joe b-day. The dog stared to scratch at the door. Joe open the door then, the ran to Camp Hanover Joe follow. Then HAPPY BIRTHDAY Joe. Joe was so happy. They had cake and fun.                  The End

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